"I'm prolific, so gifted.

I'm the type that's gon go get it, no kidding."

-Nipsey Hussle

Rell Shmula is an independent artist from Long Island, NY currently rapping out of Greensboro, NC. From schoolyard ciphers to battle rapping, Rell has been building his skills since he was 10. Five years ago, he took rapping with his friends into the studio and started making music. Back then, the music was a light-hearted escape, but today, the stakes are much higher. 


In 2018, Rell experienced the tragic loss of his cousin, close friend, and confidant, Detta. 

“We had a dream of making it in the music industry and changing our family lives forever but his life was cut short and it impacted me in a serious way. Now, I do everything for him. To make him proud and keep his name alive.”


Through the pain of the loss, Rell had found purpose. He began investing time and energy in his brand, E4DETTA which stands for Everything For Detta.  He dedicated it all, not only to Detta but to all people who've lost close loved ones and continue on their mission. 


Rell Shmula’s music is inspired by real life. Naturally, it is multi-faceted. His discography encompasses music that channels both the grief of losing Detta and the youthful joy of rapping with his friends at 10 years old. 


Rell Shmula is available across all major platforms. 

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